Hiti Photo Printer

Photo Amphi-640A

Photo Amphi-640A
Photo Amphi-640A
Exclusive Large Formats Identification Card

HiTi Card Printer 640Amphi II utilizes dye-sublimation thermal transfer technology to print breathtakingly high quality image onto a 0.4mm thin plastic card to create high-quality, high-resolution photo ID cards. The 4” x 7” ID card can be visualized from a long distance. In certain sites or large sport events, larger sized identity card will be highly demand for security management.

Dye Diffusiion Thermal Transfer Technology

The technology enables 16.77 Million continuous-tone true colors with 403dpi extraordinary resolution, equal to 6400dpi of the inkjet printer, making the image more refined and detailed.

Excellent Expansion Capability

With the Intelligent Multi-tasking Printing mode, the HiTi 640Amphi II equips the excellent expansion capability, which allow up to eight HiTi 640Amphi II connected to a computer to cope with a job.

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