Company Profile

Advanced Trading Pvt. Ltd.

Advanced Trading (P) Ltd. is one of the leading and oldest trading house in the country. It deals with many items specializing in photographic line of business. Its founder Mr. Dikpal Man Shrestha has been involved in this company since last 3 decades and he is still going very strong. This company has acquired lot of experienced in latest new technology of Digital Photography.

Advanced Trading Pvt. Ltd. is founded in 1997 with vision to trading photographic goods and equipments as a distributor. The Company is known as a pioneer in the photographic innovation and color Lab marketing. The company is being run by an experienced and pioneer in the Photo Lab business who have devoted 30 years ago.
Presently the Company is dealing in Digital camera, Photo Films, Used Mini- Color Lab, Manual Enlarger, Dye – Sub Diffusion Thermal Digital Printer and other photographic accessories. The Company has mission to deal in digital products like Digital Storage memory cards and latest innovations as a local marketing promoter.

Future Business Plan : -

The Company is also planning to strengthen its capacity to deal in medical equipments & consumables, electronic goods and computers in addition to photographic goods and equipments.

Product & Services

ROLLEI da 120
Image resolution 4000x3000 (12M), 4000x2666 (16:9), 4000x2250 (3:2), 3264x2448 (8M), 2272x1704 (4M),...

HiTi Photo Printer S420
The enhanced model with a 2.5" LCD for advanced photo printing capability...

Telephone & Mobile
Certain frequently dialled outside numbers have been allocated "speedcall" codes, i.e. four-digit ...

Currency Counter
The Unixcam Currency Counter was designed for basic currency counting applications...

The basic functions of an iPhone include texting, adding contacts, browsing through applications and organizing...

cosmetics provide great moisture to the skin....