Hiti Photo Printer

Photo Amphi-640A

Photo Amphi-640A
Exclusive Large Formats Identification

Card HiTi Card Printer 640Amphi II utilizes dye-sublimation...

Photo Printer 640ID

Photo Printer 640ID
Model Name HiTi Photo Printer 640ID

Printing System Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (D2T2)...

Photo Printer 640DL

Photo Printer 640DL
Image resolution

Image resolution 4000x3000 (12M), 4000x2666 (16:9)...

Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame
HiTi K65 Digital Photo Frame

Equipped with high-definition LCD display, HiTi K65 reproduces the vibrant...

Photo Printer S420

Photo Printer S420
Model Name HiTi Photo Printer S420

Printer Type Dye-Sub YMCO Continuous Tone...

Photo Printer 510k

Photo Printer 510k
Digital Photo Printer 510k

HiTi P510K is the world's first mini photo kiosk with less than 20kg...

Photo Printer 510s

Photo Printer 510s
Digital Photo Printer 510s

HiTi P510S photo printer provides the most practical standalone...

Photo Printer 510L

Digital Photo Printer 510L
Digital Photo Printer 510L

Printing Method Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer...

Card Printer CS-200e

Card Printer C320
Hiti Card Printer CS-200e

Input Capacity: 100 cards (0.76mm / 30mil)

Card Printer CS-310

Card Printer C310
PVC Card Printer C310

PVC CS-310 Card printer provides the most practical standalone...

Product & Services

ROLLEI da 120
Image resolution 4000x3000 (12M), 4000x2666 (16:9), 4000x2250 (3:2), 3264x2448 (8M), 2272x1704 (4M),...

HiTi Photo Printer S420
The enhanced model with a 2.5" LCD for advanced photo printing capability...

Telephone & Mobile
Certain frequently dialled outside numbers have been allocated "speedcall" codes, i.e. four-digit ...

Currency Counter
The Unixcam Currency Counter was designed for basic currency counting applications...

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