Money Counter

Money Counter 5250

Money Counter


: Money Counter
Easy to use
: Reset mode - Trigger button built into top of holding stud
Adjustable 270° rotary LED display - Easy for visual confirmation
Inventive air filter system - Auto-clearing dust fitting in filter element
Safety system for clamper - A special protection for operator
Multi-Counting Modes : Check Mode - Verifies a know quantity in a bundle
Count Mode - Procides rapid and continuous counting of bundle of varying quantity
Add Mode - Several counts can be totaled and displayed
Batch Mode - Provides rapid batch of any preset number of notes
10 Self - Test System :
  1. Vacuum Pressure test
  2. Holder test
  3. Rotor test
  4. Batch shop lever test
  5. Desplat test
  6. Simulated counting test for 100 notes
  7. Test of rotor standard parameter
  8. Test of vacuum pressure parameter
  9. Shutter test - single action
  10. Shutter test - contiual action
Plus Option :
  • Special device for suction for counting banknote in poor condition
  • Countable and acceptable damaged hole on banknote : Ø1.2mm2

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