Money Counter

Money Banding YL / A

Money Counter


YL - 200 Banding & Straping A - 30 Banding
Patented mechanism
Heat sealing system
Auto temp control
Heavy Duty
Banknotes banded automatically,
Microcomputer controlled
Tape is heat sealed
Plastic housing
11 selectable positions
Tape printing ( option )
20 cycles / min 100notes
15 cycles / min 1000notes
- 3 ~ 8 Kg 100notes
- 5 ~ 15 Kg 1000notes
Paper for 100 notes
Film for 1000 notes
324W x 240D x 320H mm
220V 50 / 60Hz
19 Kgs
2sec / 100 notes banding
209W x 284D x 215H mm
6 Kgs,
100V ~ 240V 50 / 60 Hz
Roll: 30mmW x 150 mts long

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